CBD, your skin's best friend?

Good skin is synonymous with good health!

And yet sometimes, despite our efforts, she does as she pleases and causes us a lot of pain. Indeed the epidermis is the first protective barrier of our body and is often confronted with inflammation, redness , problems of irritation or lesions. Many studies have shown that CBD has soothing and effective properties to relieve your skin. We will explain everything to you !

The action of CBD on the epidermis

The skin is the body's largest organ. This is why a general dysfunction of the body directly affects the health of our epidermis. But then how does CBD work on our skin?

What are the benefits of CBD on your skin?

Soothing benefits : CBD allows the skin to heal naturally. Indeed, cannabidiol is completely natural and intended to soothe without external products that can cause adverse effects. CBD does not cause side effects on skin health. It helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and inflammation.

Antioxidant virtues : CBD has antioxidant virtues that help protect the skin from cell aging. These virtues also make it possible to prevent cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and certain health problems such as cancers or diseases affecting the eyes.

Anti-angiogenic virtues : In addition, cannabidiole also has anti-angiogenic virtues that prevent the formation of new blood cells. It is therefore an excellent treatment against cancer because it reduces the spread of cancer cells.

Antibacterial properties : In the event of irritation, itching or following an insect bite, CBD helps reduce the body's immune response thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

But then what are the problems against which CBD can fight?

Skin rashes: CBD has moisturizing and soothing properties that help skin that is dealing with a weak immune system or a strong feeling of stress. Redness, scrapes and infections: An infusion of CBD directly into warm milk and applied directly to a wound, bump or scrape provides effective, antibacterial relief and helps reduce inflammation by soothing your skin. Skin inflammation: CBD's main benefit is to regulate inflammation in order to protect the body against bacteria. CBD has the ability to relieve inflammatory disorders of the entire human body. Insect bites: once again in local application the CBD helps to relieve itchy skin and soothe the skin to fight against feelings of discomfort and irritation. Psoriasis and Eczema: CBD has therapeutic virtues as it fights the accumulation of inflammatory cells which is the main problem of psoriasis. It also helps reduce eczema-related scars because it improves skin elasticity and hydration. Aging of the skin: the properties of CBD considerably improve the quality of the skin. Its moisturizing and antioxidant properties promote the healing of damaged, cracked or chapped skin. A natural way to fight against wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

What if CBD made blemishes and acne disappear?

CBD is full of benefits and we have not finished discovering them. But can cannabidiol help us manage our problems with acne or flaky skin? Are you feeling tired? Have you overindulged in junk food? Was the weekend long and boozy? In addition to the moral consequences, your skin makes you feel it. Indeed these problems occur when excess oil, dirt or dead cells clog the pores. External factors prevent your skin from cleaning itself and removing impurities. This causes inconveniences such as imperfections, redness, blackheads... Cannabidiol has an instant effect on the regulation of sebum and the health of the epidermis: which helps to fight against acne and skin problems in general .

It is therefore undeniable that the use of CBD is becoming essential in the treatment of skin conditions. Many studies are currently underway to continue to learn more. The lack of toxicity and non-psychotropic nature of cannabidiol only reinforces the increase in its use worldwide. This is why at " CBD LE MARAÎCHER " we decided to bet on the future. You can take care of your skin with our differently dosed CBD oils to suit your needs. Just put a few drops in your hand and lightly massage the desired area or mix them with your daily cream. Our infusions are also useful for making you an herbal tea as well as a "homemade" beauty product. And the virtues of CBD do not stop at our skin. There are plenty of benefits and various uses that allow you to enter the natural world of cannabidiole.