The Lexicon of CBD, We explain everything to you.

CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, cannabinoids, how to tell the difference?

The emergence of many CBD shops all over France over the past two years has been accompanied by many new words, acronyms and letters of all kinds that leave us in a common misunderstanding.

What is CBD? what is the difference with THC? Why are we talking about cannabinoids? What are the effects of all the molecules that make up cannabis? CBD Le Maraicher brings you a little light on the lexicon of this whole new universe in order to allow you to understand everything about CBD.

The basics


In order to understand what CBD is, you must first go back to the parent plant of this molecule. Cultivated hemp, better known under the name of Cannabis, is a multi-millennial plant used by humans for its psychotropic and relaxing effects as well as in the production of textiles.

In Cannabis there are several cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, these are molecules that have an effect on the human body. There are a total of 110 cannabinoids in hemp, but only a few of them are really popular for their effects and their versatility.


Here is the molecule and the cannabinoid that interests us the most. In addition to being an anxiolytic and an antidepressant, CBD (or cannabidiol) relieves inflammation, nausea, anxiety as well as seizures and muscles.

Today we speak more commonly of CBD when describing a cannabis flower whose CBD level is higher than the THC level, of which it reduces the negative effects.

It may be interesting to consume CBD in the evening as well as during the day in order to relax while remaining operational in order to be able to work since it does not bring loss of lucidity or drowsiness. 


Before the democratization of CBD in France, when we talked about the effects of cannabis it was mainly to describe those of THC. THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychotropic molecule present in cannabis, considered illegal in most European states, it is legal in France if its level does not exceed 0.3%. All products offered by CBD Le Maraicher have a THC level of less than 0.3% or zero.

Negative side effects of THC are fatigue, drunkenness, anxiety, stomach aches and feeling dry. These effects are mitigated by CBD, so the products we offer do not show these effects.

To give you an idea, so-called "recreational" cannabis has a THC level that varies around 20% for about 2% CBD. 


CBG (or cannabigerol) is the molecule responsible for increasing appetite in cannabis. Present in small quantities in CBD flowers, cannabigerol can have a negative as well as a positive effect on the body. More commonly known as "cold turkey", this feeling of unstoppable hunger can lead to gluttony but also help to overcome a lack of appetite.

This appetite-stimulating molecule also has an anti-inflammatory property to fight, like CBD, against Crohn's disease for example.


Among the more than 110 cannabinoids present in cannabis, one of them and known for its soporific effects, CBN (or cannabinol) acts as a natural anti-insomnia. The latter also has the property of being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

All these molecules act in correlation to create the entourage effect, it is this effect that allows the CBD flower to bring all its benefits. You can find concentrates of each of these cannabinoids, but at CBD Le Maraicher we believe in the beauty of nature, which is why our flowers are not treated to reduce the effect of the cannabinoids. An advice ? Don't rely too much on the percentages of CBD flowers, each variety is unique and each one will bring you these benefits thanks to the entourage effect.

Other terms to understand


The trim

We often speak of trim to designate the falls and residues of flowers once they have been cut. It is from this verb that the trim takes its name in English. Even if it is only a mixture of different varieties, the trim has the advantage of being full of pollen and various tastes, while being most often offered at a reduced price.

In store, we offer trim made up of all our best flower varieties in a mixture of trichomes, pollens and flavors.

The Full Spectrum

Translated into French by Full Spectrum, this is the name given to CBD oils with all the molecules of cannabis. The oil is obtained by extracting the flower in its entirety in order to give the product an entourage effect. There are also other types of oils such as "Broad Spectrum" or Broad Spectrum Oil in which the THC has been removed, therefore not offering the entourage effect. Conversely it is possible to find "The isolate" Which is an oil using an extraction technique leaving only the CBD. This last technique increases the effectiveness of CBD but prevents you from taking advantage of all the other cannabinoids and their benefits for the body.

All CBD oils offered by CBD Le Maraicher are Full Spectrum of Swiss origin and certified European Pharmacopoeia.

Now that you are up and running on CBD, it is up to you to choose from the various products offered to you on our site and elsewhere in order to find the products best suited to your use. Nice walk on CBD Le Maraicher.